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Top 3 Important People to Stay in Touch with


When it comes to the Internet, there will be “relaxed” people who can communicate. His old companion can still drink the moonlight with him. General industry links Your first boss. Top 3 Important People to Stay in Touch with

But, needless to say, the simplest method is not always the best.

Work uncertainty (that is, I don’t know when to call) and communication (a month ago I thought there was someone in Europe who should open the door for you). Wide contact is more important than you think.

Encourage someone to do their best

  • Whether you are a coach, teacher, or interim supervisor, someone in the past puts a lot of pressure on you. This person will always contact you and always confirm that all your property has been transferred.


  • First of all, it’s best to contact only those who you think are great at first. But think about it. The people who advertise it not only make it attractive but also have greater potential. When is it related to future employment opportunities? He is definitely the one you want to be with. Top 3 Important People to Stay in Touch with

He said the connection was good

  • Similarly, the people who attract you know your value. He (she) is by your side (assuming you live up to your expectations, they may recommend you again).


  • It’s important to recognize here that there is a difference between someone who provides a strong reference when deploying an application and someone who wants to speak well on your behalf. These people exchange ideas with you when you need to communicate with a new city or change your field of work.

The best assistant (or intern) ever

  • You may have heard that he shouldn’t create a strict way of communicating (that is, he can only communicate with people above him). Followers won’t surprise you.


  • But while it should be directed in all directions, communication with your ex seems inevitable unless there is a strong social element (for example, if two people are unemployed). Ask for help unless you need a referral.

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