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Each single object of this universe has its own merits and de-merits. But since the last few months, I have experienced the second factor happening most abundantly than the first one in Private Schools. Schools Honors are making their bank balances in the name of Education. The number of schools in a town is getting almost equal to the number of houses or might be exceeding than that. It needs to be stressed that article 25-A of the constitution declares that it’s the state’s responsibility to provide “Free and compulsory education to all children from the ages of 5-16 years”. This article is been followed only in Government Schools which are somehow trying to educate the lower and middle class of our society. Since the last few years, the great strength of Government schools has been highly consumed by Private Schools.

Reasons to Leave Schools

They trap the parents by their leaving longs and demand a lot of fees in return. Except for fees, every year parents have to submit a bundle of stationary in the school which according to the school will be used for the students. Then for what purpose that fee is being paid? They don’t even pay their teaching staff on time. How they treat their staff is quite an interesting and a weird matter but sticking on the main issue these schools also play with the future of students by correcting the mistakes of students in papers at the time of paper checking. Is that fair? Is that fair to make the parents happy by deceiving them? Many private schools focus less on a study and more on extra-curricular activities.

Corruption on The Name of Education

Although there should be a balance as nature keeps everything in its balance. No one would dare to do this much corruption on the name of education if there would have been a checking head on these private schools. This is the responsibility of Government to provide the nation with free education but almost no one in this world is doing his or her job properly. When a head is corrupted, everything flows in its own way. So does our country.

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