My Google AdSense: Questions & Answers
Chapter 1: Google AdSense Basics:

Now, what is My Google AdSense?
It is a product of Google which shows contextual content on your blog/site. It’s the best ad network to monetize any website. Thousands of people are earning $1000/day by using only Google AdSense.

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“Contextual” means showing ads relevant to your blog niche (blog topic). This improves the quality of ads and your blog looks more authentic instead of showing irrelevant ads which user can’t click.
AdSense is one of the best ways to earn extra money from your blog/site. AdSense is so powerful because it is simple & high-quality ads.

How is it Simple?
It’s simple because all that you need to do is just place a few lines of code on your blog/site & AdSense will automatically start showing ads. You don’t have to work hard or not need to set it AdSense will automatically check your blog/site niche & start showing related ads to your niche.

They will display the ads to your audience and they will click on it that how you will earn money. What you need to do is to write amazing content so that more visitors you get and more you earn.

Revenue Between You & Google?

Revenue shared between you (who place the ad on his site) & Google (who give you ads to place it on your site) is 32:68 (bold). Whenever someone clicks on the ad showing on your site you get 68% while Google gets 32%. You get 68% because you made a click on advertiser ad While Google gets 32% because they provided you the platform & best ads.
Example: if an advertiser spends $100 on your blogs through Google Ad Word. You will get $68 & Google will take $32 for Providing the platform.

Why is Google AdSense Best?
Because everyone loves the quality of ads that Google gave you & you are timely paid.

What do we need to do to earn More Money?
We just need to maintain the content of the blog, the quality of Service you give on it & try to drive more and more traffic to your blog/site. But the best thing is that we can do work as we want instead of listening to your bosses to do those works that we don’t like.
Try to update your site regularly with some fresh and high-quality content because more content we have more Google will have an idea about your niche & they will show ads relevant to your blog niche.

Why Choose AdSense Over other Programs?

Because Google makes sure that users see those ads which are relevant to their interest. Example if a user is interested in mobiles & you show him Fashion or Dating ads there will be 0% chances that the user will click on the ad.

How Much can you Earn with AdSense?

Actually, there is no upper limit to earn money, it depends on these factors:
1) Blog Niche (Blog Topic)
2) Traffic Source
3) Traffic Country

To make Google Adsense Account Click Here.

Easy ways to get Adsense account approval without having a website

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