Latest Update New Promotion Criteria for TEACHERS

Latest Update New Promotion Criteria for TEACHERS  Must Follow These Rules BE READY
(Yet to be Confirmed/Implemented)
Training Schedule bhi a chuka hai****
Latest Update New Promotion Criteria for TEACHERS
1* Every Teacher will get One Day Training every month and 30 days training in Summer Vacation.
Now Summer Vacation will consist of only 1 month and 15 days.
2* Every Teacher will get 40 days compulsory training in a year.
3* Every Teacher should have a Bulky Register where he / she will write all the training material of five years trainings (200 days)
4* After Successful training of five years (200 days) every teacher will appear in a exam slybus consist of 200 days training material.
5* Teacher who will qualify the exam will be eligible to get Teacher License and after getting License he will be eligible for promotion in next grade.
6* Now Teacher of every Catagory will get Promotion Linked Training after getting License if a teacher can not qualify the exam he will not get promotion and also removal from service.
7* Now Every Head of Primary & Elementry and Secondary will get Compulsory leadership training.
8* 2000 Biometric Machines will be provided to every cluster for attendance of the trainees.
9* 10 subject expert master trainer at every cluster(ADU).
10* Subject Wise Training days in a week are
1.Monday >Urdu
2.Tuesday >English
3.wednesday >Math/Physics
4.Thursday >chem/Bio/Science
5.Friday >Islamiat/pedagogy
6.Saturday >Pak/Social Studies.
11* Every Trainee will spend one day in a Month and every Trainer will spend one day in a week.
12* Ex DTEs will be Pedagogical Expert and Ex TE will be Trainer of leadership.
13* 3366 Permanent Subject Specialist will be recruited for ADU system.
Note* This is 8 times more Bulky System than CPD (DTEs which have closed)

Latest Primary School Teacher (PST) Post Up-Gradation Scheme 2018

All the primary school teachers have been upgraded from BPS-09 to BPS-14.

Latest Elementary School Teacher (EST) Post Up-Gradation Scheme 2018

  • All EST teachers working in BPS-14 will be Upgraded into BPS-15 in 2018
  • EST teachers already working in BPS-15 will be Upgraded into BPS-16 in 2018
  • EST teachers who are already working in BPS-16 will be given two advanced increments in 2018

Latest Secondary School Teacher (SST) Post Up-Gradation Scheme 2018

  • Sadly, there is no scale change or post up-gradation for SST teachers working in school education department of Govt. of Punjab in 2018.
  • Instead, all SSTs will be given two advance increment as a benefit in 2018.

Note: It should be noted that these upgrades will be applicable from 1st January 2018.