Latest PPSC Lecturer Recruitment Guidance – Education – Professional

Latest PPSC Lecturer Recruitment Guidance – Education – Professional.LECTURERS JOBS COMING THROUGH PPSC …
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Latest PPSC Lecturer Recruitment Guidance - Education - Professional

i) Mandatory Qualification will be Masters / BS(Hons)
ii) PPSC will conduct written test for the allocated posts. The test will comprise 100 MCQs from the subject applied for.
iii) There will be seats for almost all subjects that are taught at the collegiate level. The number of seats can vary from subject to subject, depending on the number of vacant seats against subjects.
iv) Lecturers for Commerce will also be recruited this time by PPSC.
Approx 1078 (female) and 820 (male) lecturers for all subjects will be recruited.
v) A ratio will be fixed for selection of candidates who have passed written test to be called for interview. For instance, top 5 candidates against each post will qualify for the interview. So suppose if there are 120 seats for English Lecturer, then 600 candidates will be called for interviews.
vi) Interviews consist assessment of candidate’s command on his/her subject, info about GK etc, the demo of pedagogical skills and psychological assessment. Those who will make the way through this will be the finally selected lecturers.
vii) You may be appointed at any college in any city in Punjab if there is no vacant seat in your nearby station. Yet, you will be house rent and other allowances for compensation in this case. You can’t request for transfer during the contract period. [ Transfer rules keep on changing ]
viii) Basic Pay for newly elected lecturers is 30,000 and including all types of allowances, total salary goes up to 45000/- PM.
1: Paper will be based on 100 Marks MCQs type. No Subjective portion.
2: Paper will be related to Subject, No GK, CA etc Focus on your subjects.
3: Do not mix this paper with NTS & contents, Its tough one and you will face too much competition.
4: In Universities, Teachers usually select some topics, contents and focus on few chapters while here its wrong. you must revise whole and be ready for any question from any book from your subject.
5: For example, if any university includes only two plays by Shakespeare then it does not mean you should prepare only those here. Question can be related to any play which is being taught in any other University of Pakistan.
6: For fresh candidates, they have studied few topics in whole book an they think only those contents will be included in PPSC as well. Its totally wrong. Test will be from whole portion either you have studied in your university or not.
7: You must be an expert with deep knowledge in your subject. Then you will find mistakes in ilmi, dogars and carvan books as well. There are few mistakes in these books. Do not follow single book e.g imli, paper can be from dogar or carvan. Follow all books.
8: This paper includes 0.25 negative marking. So be careful in ” Tukka ”.
9: Key to Success is the best preparation of MA/Msc syllabus.
10: Don’t think so that you will score 50. It’s not like NTS. PPSC has its own rules and no specific merit. If merit will be closed on 70 then only candidates with 70+ will be shortlisted and below ones will be Fail. you must score enough to get shortlisted for interview. Must try to score 70 to 75.


A FEW days back the Punjab Public Service Commission announced its policy of allowing a candidate a maximum three times to try against an advertised post in future.

Before announcing this policy, the commission had not held any consultation with candidates. Although it is a pragmatic effort to unload the burden the department has to face in conducting written papers, this policy has as well questioned the future of candidates who have a number of reservations about it.

First, the candidate possessing a professional degree has no other oppurtunity to avail if, unfortunately, he does not get through his cadre. Second, if a candidate appears in an interview, after passing the written test, but fails, how many chancea would he have to clear the test? Third, will a candidate have an oppurtunity to avail himself of three chances for each cadre within a department?

The PPSC should review its policy of three chances.