How to Apply for a Google Job – Step by Step Method

Google Jobs has been listed as one of the best companies to work for by Fortune magazine many times.According to Google’s theory of work “Happy people are more productive.” This makes Google focus more on their employee welfare. Google want to make feel that employees are not working for a company but the company is working for employees.
Here are some reasons why every graduate should try for Google Jobs.

Why you should try for Google Jobs?

Perks like FREE food
One of the biggest perk at Google is their free food. About 200 recipes are served at the cafés of Google per day. Options range from vegetarian dishes, organic foods to ethnic foods from around the world. And the greatest thing is all of them are free for their employees. Even when you are attending an interview at Google you can also enjoy the free food.

No Workplace, but a college campus

Many of Google employees started work straight out of the college. So unlike other offices when you pass throughout Googleplex you’ll feel like passing through a college campus. Mountain View Googleplex consists of one million sq. feet. Think about two and a half size of giant stadium; it is the Googleplex.

The Google buildings have strange names. The name includes ‘π’ (pi). Bicycles are parked in building for traveling throughout the campus.

No ‘dress restrictions’

It may sound strange. Some multinational companies need strict dress code at their work campus. Even in some university T-shirt and jeans are not allowed. They argue that student should follow the dress code like that of corporates. But at Google, there is no specific dress code. Employees can wear any dress with which they feel more comfortable.
Hear millions of heart beats
Think! The product you are working for is going to reach millions of people’s hands. Is not that great?

Your idea get respect

At Google, employees can utilize 20 percent of their work week for individual projects unrelated to their work load. This makes feelings that employees are not working for Google but Google is working for the employees. In fact, Google claims many of their Google Labs products are started out from this 20 percent time of their employee. Your idea would be the next Google product!

How to apply for jobs at Google

1. Create a CV/ resume which suits the job what you are applying for.
2. Select the region (name of the country) where you want to get a job in Google Jobs official site. Click here to select
3. Click on the department link (e.g. Software Engineering) you would like to get a job.
4. Click Add to Job Cart at the bottom of the page.
You will be directed to Google Jobs Submission Page. After adding resume and filling out the form click submit.