Easy ways to get Adsense account approval without having a website

Easy ways to get Adsense account approval without having a website To earn money online you must need monetizing website account which offers content based advertisements to display on your blog/website related to blog subject.

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Today Google Adsense is in number one place where no one can reach its point and beat in PPC advertising sector. Payper click programme makes you better money making alternative in by applying Google Adsense. If you’re content is genuine and sharing priceless information online Google Adsense in its way to approve your account very easily. But, remember one thing content website/blog should based on quality and non violence of Google Adsense policies and its terms and conditions.

Here, Moneytariff presents how to open “Google Adsene” Account without having a website. By our way of methods implementation you can own “Adsense Account” within hours successfully.
So many of websites are offer you about “How to get an instant Google Adsense Account” by paying them some initial amounts. These are all the methods of implementation to sell Adsense accounts online, here we going to teach you those methods how to get instant Google Adsense account on other platform websites. There are 7 types of methods to create Adsense account without any paying even single penny.
Lets’ start the tutorial

Platform number one : Blogger.com

Blogger is one of the free blogging service platforms from Google to create subdomain blog/website with extension of “yourname.blogspot.com”. You can upload free images,videos and share content based articles by creating a blog. You can get free customization blogger templates with all the Google services with a single gmail account.
You can apply for Google Adsense via Blogger.com under Monetization tab.
Create Blogger account: BLOGGER

Platform number two: Docstoc


With the help of Docstoc you can create easily an Google adsense account. By creating account on this platform you can upload files, images, presentation and more. Documentation type files are accepted. To Adsense account on this platform.
Create Account on: Dcostoc

Platform number three:Indyarocks

This is a Facebook alternative website, where you can share images, status updates, community based website. With your genuine email ID create an account on this platform. After successful creation of account write some articles or share few articles at least more than six posts, then go to apply for Google Adsense account.
Create Account on: Indyarocks

Platform number Four: Hubpages

Hubpages.com is wonderful platform and most popular website. Plentiful blogger are using this platform for creating Google Adsense account. By sharing good articles with hubpages makes you create account, but this platform is a revenue sharing website.
Create Account on: Hubpages

Platform number Five: Flixya

Here you’ve quite chances to create Adsense account by using this platform. Flixya.com is powered by Google Adsense itself, on sharing videos and pictures. Very easiest signup process makes you to create an account:
Create Account on: Flixya

Platform number Six: Bloggerparty

Another type of revenue sharing website called Bloggerparty.com. All you’ve do is just share your views or articles on this platform with simple way of signup process. By applying google Adsense you can get easy approval.
Create Account on: Bloggerparty

Platform number Five:Webanswers

This platform is just alternative to Yahoo Answers. The members on this platforms asks you few question relating to various topics, you can just make them doubt clarify how many of solution finder makes you very easily get approval form Google Adsense itself.
Create Account on :