The complete procedure , how to fill up NTS application forms

The complete procedure , how to fill up NTS application forms is given below :- Procedure :

1- First paste your recent passport size color photograph in Picture 1. 2- Eligibility Criteria :- * If your age is according to prescribed age Limit , Tick Yes otherwise No. * If you have relevant qualification , Tick yes , otherwise No. * If you posses Punjab Domicile , Tick Yes otherwise No. 3. Please fill only one box of District of Domicile in Sr No 1. 4. Please fill up your Personal Information Like Name , Father’s Name , CNIC , Gender , Date of Birth , Email Address , Martial Status , Postal address , City , District , Phone No in in Sr No 2-10. 5. Please write your Mobile Number which is not converted . Other wise you will not receive NTS Alerts on your mobile. 6. If you are a serving government employee please tick appropriate box , write job experience till 31st August 2016 and Attach NOC also in Sr No 11. 7. If you are a disabled candidate , please tick appropriate box in Sr No 12. 8. If you are a serving employee of Education Department , Please tick appropriate box and write job experience till 31st August 2016 in Sr No 13. 9. Please select your religion in Sr No 14. 10. If you are married female candidate , Please fill the Sr No 15,16 & 17 . Otherwise leave these blank. 11. Please write academic records of Matric , Intermediate , Bachelor , Masters etc in Sr No 18. 12. Please don’t attach copies of your academic certificates. 13. Please also follow instructions written is Sr No 18. 14. Please write your professional qualification in Sr No 19. 15. Please fill the Bank Online Deposit Box in Sr No 20 , Please write Bank Code in which you have paid your fee i.,e 475 Rs and Deposit Date . ( For Example :- Bank Code : 1688 . Date : 25-08-2016). 16. Please affix your recent passport size color photograph . Don’t use gum in this section . Use stapler instead . 17. Please fill the undertaking form completely. 18. Please write Date , Put your thumb impression and Candidate signature. 19. Check List : * Original Deposit slip * 2 Passport Size Photographs. * Copy of CNIC. *then buy a envelop and all dacumnts put into in this envelope and the one opn side, write ‘application for the post of’ then project name & details. then reciever’s address, given in highlighted form in v last page then the other side of page write ur name, s/o, address. This forum, wish you best of luck in Future. Thank You.