Blogging Tips 2018 Earning Start From First Week

Blogger thinks long-term blogging really take too much time but some tips help you succeed quickly..

Blogging Tips 2018 Earning Start From First Week 

1- Blogging Tips 2018 Earning Start From First Week  buy an expired domain
( if you buy new domain it will take at least 6 months to get some decent income but after buying the expired domain you get you sooner. I know its risky to buying expired domain but these ideas help you
:– don’t focus on backlinks of the expired domain, just focus on domain age..
:- buy only that domain which has trust flow 15+
:- buy domain which has low backlinks ( lower backlinks have low risk)
After buying a domain , customize the theme and all editing thing..
Then you have to do these things:- always select that niche which is evergreen, fully passive and have low competition..

After selecting niche.. Design website as a silo structure (here silo structure simply means interlinking post so that link juice can pass). .
Write article daily post regularly for 20 days..
(for writing post use keyword research, keyword golden ratio, skyscraper technique )

First, write 4 posts which have up-to 50 Monthly searches..
Then next 4 posts which have up to 100 monthly searches.
Then next 4 post which has up to 250 monthly searches..
Interlink every post and page to each other ..
Try to rank your keyword 1- 5
So you can make some backlinks daily basis of each post.
Also, make backlink of homepage.. (always use variation anchor in backlinks).
You can cover these things in just 1.5 months..

If you want to know what I do next then ask in a comment..