BA English Supplementary Guess 2018


  1. How can the modern man get pleasure in life,Leisure?
  2. Discuss Tartary as an imaginary poem?

iii. What are the promises made by the poetess at the arrival of New Year? (New Year Resolutions)

  1. ‘Patriot into Traitor’ as dramatic monologue?
  2. What are the reactions of the poet on seeing snake at his water trough?
  3. Discuss the poem ‘After Apple picking as a symbolic poem?

vii. Why is the poet impressed by the song of the girl? (The Solitary Reaper)

viii. Bring out the ironic situations in the poem ‘the huntsman?

  1. The vanishing village ends on a hopeful note. Discuss?

xii. What are the fears of Keats?

  1. Short Stories
  2. Discuss the short story ‘The Killers’ as a criticism on American society?
  3. Breakfast’ is a criticism on materialistic life style?

iii. Discuss Ustad Mangu as a type character?

  1. ‘The little Willow’ a story of silent love?
  2. The Happy Prince is a satire on Victorian age. How?
  3. The mental immaturity of the protagonist ends in extreme disappointment. (Araby)

vii. Discuss ‘The Bear’ as a farcical play’?

viii. Write the character sketch of


  1. Uncle James
  2. Primrose
  3. Smoke Screens points out generation gap. How?
  4. Modern Essays
  5. Discuss reasons behind the creation of Pakistan?
  6. Women are as brave as men, elaborate with reference ‘Take the Plunge.

iii. Write the character of Yeats’ grandfather?

  1. Write down the character sketch of Tailor?
  2. What is the message of the modern essay ‘The Eclipse?
  3. G.B Shaw mocks at the false pretensions of the medical fields. Discuss?

vii. What are water soluble and fat soluble?

viii. How do good manners make our day to day life easy?

  1. Give the graphic details of destruction caused by the atomic attack on Nagasaki?
  2. What similarities Scott created to describe the experiences he did on the Moon?
  3. The Old Man and the Sea
  4. Old man s’ fight with fish
  5. Old man s’ fight with sharks

iii. Justify the ending of the novel.

  1. Write a note on Hemingway s’ style?
  2. Discuss Santiago as a protagonist?
  3. Discuss sea as living being?

vii. The old man and the Sea as a tragic novel.

viii. Symbols used in the novel?

BA English Guess 2018

Paper B


  1. CPEC-China Pakistan Economic Corridor
  2. Democracy in Pakistan
  3. Energy Crisis in Pakistan
  4. The Evils of corruption
  5. Woman Place in Islam
  6. Women Emancipation
  7. War Against Terrorism
  8. Role of Woman in Nation Development
  9. Unrest among students

Multi Essays

Pakistan is facing ____now a days. It is not only the problem of Pakistan but all over the world, especially in the third world countries. It is symbolization of disaster and destruction. ______is raising restlessness in the country and it is engulfing the unity and prosperity of the nation. It is a big barrier in the way of a progressing society. Its losses are limitless; therefore, a good image of the country is easily spoiled through _____.

Distress and instability become the order of the day. It is like a white elephant which is eating fast the nations’ strength and unity. The common people are heavily facing this monster. Current situation of _______ is a disturbing situation for peace and calm. Its demand is only negative for the sake of some rise-up people. If the evil of ______ is not nipped in the bud it may spread rapidly like a wild fire. It is an unending epidemic that deprives people from mental, physical, spiritual, moral, and economic health and of territorial integrity as well.

This evil of _____ is going up in its network. There is no area or community which is safe from it. Its publication is only because of public lack of awareness and knowledge. Young old and children are going to be intoxicated by it. Its network is spoiling the new generation gradually. It hypnotizes the mental approach of the people. It is enhancing a number of many other problems. The community has no proper idea to pass their routine life. It has transferred the common life into confusion and woes.

Moral and ethical values are being deteriorated. If a human being thinks and evaluates his current life, he feels that he is not secure. Abundant resources are not enough to control this permanent social evil.

The problem of_____ can be controlled through well planning, systematic strategies and the role of public along with N.G.Os. We can eradicate this problem by following the teachings of Islam. We should also cooperate with one another to finish this deadly ever-growing problem.  An organized program is needed to accomplish our target. Sagacious atmosphere positive attitude are compulsory to overcome the problem of corruption.

Letter to Editor

  1. About poor street lights
  2. About rash driving

iii.                Poor street lights

  1. About street crime
  2. About beggary

Multi Letter to Editor

Examination Hall,

City A.B.C.

22nd November 2014.

The Editor,

The “Daily Dawn” ,


Subject :  The Problem of________________________


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the problem of _________.It is observed commonly that this problem is on the rise these days. I am much impressed by the clarity and boldness with which your news paper takes a strong stance. I also know that your paper is far away from yellow journalism. I am much impressed by the boldness with which you tackle the problem and give some feasible solutions also.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

I would like to give some suggestions to minimize this problem,

  1. a)  Government as well as the concerned authorities must pay attention to solve this increasing problem.
  2. b) Media should play its role to eradicate the aforesaid problem.
  3. c) People should also cooperate with the concerned authorities in solving this ongoing problem.
  4. d) _____________________________________________________________ .
  5. e) _______________________________________________________________ .

I hope that by following the above mentioned suggestions, we shall be able to grapple with the problem

Yours truly,


Application for job

Write an Application to the principal of a college for the post of an English Teacher.

                                                                                                                       Examination Hall,

City, A.B.C.

23rd June 2014.

The principal,

ABC College,


Subject:          Application for the Post of English Teacher

Respected Sir,

With reference to your advertisement published in the daily, “Jang” dated 12 June in which you invited the applications for the post of English lecturers, I would like to apply for one of those posts. My qualifications and experience match to your requirements. I am a young man of 25. I did my MA in English from the University of the Punjab as a regular student, getting highly second division. I have been teaching English subject in a private college for two years. I can speak English very fluently. I will leave no stone un turned to work up to your requirements if you provide me a chance to work under your kind control.

My documents are attached herewith

Yours sincerely,



  1. i)Name:                               ABC
  2. ii)Father s’ Name:                DTF

iii)                Date of Birth:                    12/12/1990

  1. iv)CNIC No:                            123
  2. v)Address:                            22 /A, New Town , Lahore
  3. vi)Contact:                             123

vii)              Experience:                       Have been teaching in STU College for two years

viii)            Qualifications:                   a) MA English as a regular student from PU

  1. b) PGD in English from the University of the Punjab.


  1. Beteween bank mangaer and customer for opening a new account
  2. B/w doctor and patient

iii.                b/w two students on fashion in colleges

  1. b/w teacher and student on unfair means in exams
  2. b/w two friens on book reading

Multi Dialogue

Aslam:          Aslam-u- Alikum, how are you?

Akbar:          Waalikum-us-salm, I am all right. What is going on these days?

Aslam:          I am doing graduation nowadays/doing a job.

Akbar:           Ok, very nice. How is your life getting on?

Aslam:           It’s going well but problems are an inevitable part of life.

Akbar:           What kind of problems you face in life?

Aslam:           My problems are those which are being faced by every Pakistani.

Nowadays I’m facing the problem of ___________.

(Load shedding/inflation)

Akbar:           The problem of_______ is increasing rapidly due to the negligence

of government.

Aslam:           Tell me about yourself, what are you doing these days?

Akbar:            I am working at ____________.

Aslam:           ___________________________.

Akbar:            ___________________________.

Aslam:           ___________________________.

Akbar:            ___________________________.

Aslam:           __________________________.

Akbar:            Your cell phone is ringing. It looks like that you have an urgent call.

Aslam:            Oh yes, my father is calling me.

Akbar:            Do you have an urgent work at home or is it an emergency?

Aslam:            A little bit. Ok, nice to meet you.

Akbar:            Ok, take care, see you again.

Aslam:            God bless you, Allah Hafiz.

Akbar:            Same to you, and Allah hafiz


  1. We saw attractive sceneries in Murree.
  2. His family members are going to perform Umra.
  3. He has not bought a scissor.
  4. The gentry of the town was present to hail him.
  5. I saw three famales at the party.
  6. Cloth is sold by the yards.
  7. He has been working hardly for his brilliant success.
  8. This flower smells sweetly.
  9. These all men are poor.
  10. Open your book at ten page.
  11. He is the oldest member of the family.
  12. I have no any problem with it.
  13. This is the last news.
  14. A little time I spent there is unforgettable.
  15. You are a coward person.
  16. He is a miser man.
  17. A black and white cow are for sale
  18. He had come yesterday.
  19. Ahmad plays good.
  20. She is angry on me.
  21. Neither of these ten boys has failed.
  22. We enjoyed at the concert.
  23. I reached prior than him.
  24. Such students who do not work hard, fail.
  25. He requested me to stay little more.
  26. She is cooking the meal for thirty minutes.
  27. She goes there never.
  28. We all did not go.
  29. One should not waste his time.
  30. This is not such weather which was expected.
  31. You need not to worry.
  32. He is more better than I.


  1. Keep up appearance               it is better to be simple than to keep up appearance.
  2. Kick the bucket                        His neighbor kicked the bucket last night.
  3. Lame duck                               The government cannot give loan to a lame duck.
  4. Laughing stock                        He has become a laughing stock in the class due to his foolishness.
  5. Leap in the dark                      This businessman took a leap in the dark and his business collapsed.
  6. A fish out of water                  At his new job, he is like a fish out of water.
  7. Maiden speech.                      He was somewhat nervous at his maiden speech.
  8. Make amends                         You have insulted him in public , now you will have to make amends.
  9. Make both ends meet             In a  small income, the poor hardly make both ends meet.
  10. Make off with                         The thief made off with the ornaments.
  11. Man in the street                    If the man in the street is happy, the country is in good condition.
  12. Man of letters                          Allama Iqbal was a man of letters.
  13. Move heaven and earth         He will move heaven and earth to  marry the girl of his choice.
  14. Neck or nothing                      He will fight against his enemy neck or nothing.
  15. Nip in the bud                         The government should nip the corruption in the bud.
  16. Pandora s’ box                                    If you discuss their broken marriage, you will open a Pandora s’ box.
  17. Pocket an insult                       She abused me before all, I cannot pocket this insult easily.
  18. Read between the lines          I can read between the lines,  and say that he is not sincere to me.
  19. Red rag to  a bull                    These bitter remarks  against the politician proved a red rag to a bull
  20. Rule out                                   The U.N ruled the settle of this dispute by force.
  21. Sit on the fence                       In this matter , he sits on the fence
  22. Smell a rat                              The police man smelt a rat  and stopped the biker.
  23. Split hair                                  You should not split  hair of his failures in the exams.
  24. Stir up                                      Some politicians try to stir up trouble in the country but fail.
  25. At a stone s’ throw                  Our college is located at a stone s’ throw.
  26. Strom in the tea cup               This hot discussion only proved a storm in the tea cup.
  27. French leave                           He is in the habit of enjoying French leave.
  28. Blow outبجھا دینا                       When you go the bed, you should blow out the candle.
  29. Break downصحت کا خراب ہونا  His health broke down due to hard work.
  30. Break inسکھانا                           He has broken in his horse.
  31. Break into نقب لگانا                 The thief broke into the house and stole many precious things.
  32. Bring aboutوجہ بننا                 His lack of hard work brought about his failure in the examination.
  33. Bring downساتھ چھوڑنا         You should not bring down your sincere friends.
  34. Bring roundہوش میں لانا            Many boys fainted due to heat but the doctor brought them

round very soon.

  1. Bring to لانا                 The matter was brought to my notice.
  2. Call at                          I called at his house but he was not present.
  3. Call on                          He called on the principal in the evening.
  4. Carry out تعمیل کرنا      He carried out the orders of his boss.
  5. Cast down افسردہ کرنا   His failure cast him down very much.
  6. Come about واقع ہونا    How did this incident come about?
  7. Come downکم کرنا        The government should try to come down the prices.
  8. Come of بالغ ہونا           He comes of  a very noble family.
  9. Come byاچانک ھاتھ لگنا How did you come by this beautiful watch?
  10. Cut off                          How many men are cut off in their youth?
  11. Cut in   دخل اندازی کرنا   You should not cut in my affairs.
  12. Do awayنمٹنا                  How will you do away with your problems?
  13. Do up   سنوارنا              She is doing up her hair.
  14. Fall back پچھے ہٹنا        The Indian Army fell back before our attack.
  15. Fall back upon             He falls back upon the money left by his father.
  16. Fall out  جگھڑنا            You should never fall out with your friends.
  17. Get about                      He is too weak to get about.
  18. Get off بھا گ جانا         He got off with a beautiful woman.